The Accountant was founded at the beginning of 2019. The success of the company is based on consistent implementation of key values: knowledge and trust. In the business world , reliability and speed are essential, and provide decisive competitive advantage.

Our main advantage is our aim to achieve sustainable, innovative ideas for our clients. As your personal advisor, we will support you with all issues and dilemmas related to your accounting and payrolls, which allows you to fully concentrate on your business. This way we are trying to save your time and unnecessary efforts.

Our strong and professional team brings the experience and expertise of international consultancy companies, also the national and international network of associates.

The extraordinary technical abilities of our team and the high quality of The Accountant services are a key factors of our success in Serbia: We do understand the specific needs of our clients in this country , based on the great international expertise and flexibility of our team members.


Our owner and Managing Partner is Oliver Andrun, who has been acting as a professional accountant for many years. Before founding The Accountant, he was group CEO of Unija accounting company where managed more than 140 employees in 14 countries. Prior that he started with accounting senior in Unija Serbia, promoted in Country manager and at the end Partner and group CEO. He spent more than 7 years in Unija group on different part of accounting, payroll and consulting tasks.

Prior to that, he was accounting senior in PwC Serbia in period 2007-2011, focused on payroll accounting and internal reporting for PWC Serbia and PWC Montenegro. The chance to work across vast majority of businesses and companies in Serbia and the region equipped him with specific blend of skills and experience, coming from different industries and functional areas. His major area of expertise covers payroll and accounting from operating and consulting side. Starting from 2019 he established his own company The Accountant d.o.o. with vision to provide together with his team high level of services to international companies.

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ACCA is an Association of Certified Certified Accountants in the United Kingdom. The Association of Certified and Certified Accountants (ACCA) is one of the largest and most developed international accountants associations. ACCA has over 100 years of long tradition and has been recognized in more than 170 countries around the world and currently has more than 500,000 members and students preparing for its membership. ACCA issues certification for Chartered Certified Accountants (authorized accountants). In order to get a certificate you need to place 14 very serious and demanding exams in accounting and related fields. Leaving is exclusively written, in English, in authorized centers such as the British Council or PWC.

Membership in the ACCA Association of certified accountants guarantees a high level of knowledge of international accounting standards and other regulations in the field of accounting and taxation. In addition, each member of the ACCA association is expected to continuously improve accounting and taxation as well as certain ethical and professional standards of behavior.